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Massachusetts Amendment to Lien Law Would Better Protect Operators

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House Docket 4504 was filed in Massachusetts at the end of February in an effort to clarify the self storage law for consumers and further protect our owners by addressing three issues.

First, it provides that unsigned agreements are binding if the occupant uses the space more than 30 days after the agreement was delivered.

Second, it states that agreements may be delivered and signed electronically.

Third, it amends the definition of "abandoned lease space" to include spaces with property remaining at the end of the agreement, in which case the existing rules governing abandoned leased spaces will apply (see below).

In the case of an abandoned leased space, the operator shall have the right to take possession of the leased space after 14 days and dispose of any personal property in the leased space by any means so long as the operator has attempted to contact the occupant on 2 separate days, at least 3 days apart, or, if unsuccessful, has attempted to contact the secondary or emergency contact, if 1 was provided, to discern whether the leased space is an abandoned lease space.

Thank you to the SSA legislative team for working on this issue that will continue to help our MA operators.

House Docket 4504

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